The art of Debbie Sayers

Crafts in Progress

Works in Progress…

I love all kinds of crafts perhaps it’s because I’m an art teacher I have learnt so many crafts for my work, some I love some not so… here under this tab will be a works in progress so you can see what I’m up to what i love and what frustrates me lol, I’m not promising to always love what i make… … Dxxx


New Wedding shawl, since selling my first wedding shawl I’m making some more heres a pic of the one I’m making that is the same as the one i sold which you can see here and I’m making a white triangle wedding shawl photos to come… Im also making some Cashmere Wrist Warmers, part of a commission of six pairs for a local shop, so thats very exciting… photos to come…


10609589_4738413394862_2972541711508799556_n  Here’s the shawl in progress and here is my

  lovely old black cat trying to get my attention…piggy and shawl…



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