The art of Debbie Sayers

About Me

  Holywell bay

I grew up in Bedfordshire but every summer the family would holiday in Cornwall in a little sleepy village as was, called Holywell Bay. I remember long summers of hot sand, swirling waves and deep blue endless sky’s.

I have in my life lived in Cornwall a number of times but finally moved here for good in 1994.

I moved down to go to the Art School at Falmouth and eventually graduated with an honors degree in Studio Ceramics in 2000.

I now have a family and still live and work in Falmouth.

In 2008 I completed a PGCE and since then I have been a community educator running art classes in the community .

I have always felt a strong link to the landscape whether living in Cornwall or in Scotland the land and the footprints the ancients left on the land have aways inspired me.

cornwall3 cornwall5

The Art that I make is eclectic i make ceramics, textiles, pictures and crafts and I love them all… But i also love music so I do a little of that to.

All of my Textile and Ceramic work has a core of belief and symbol in the same way our ancestors carved in to the land my work always has some form of mark making, symbols or shapes that create a richness of surface.

Whether textiles or ceramics my work is a ritual in the making and a votive offering to the Gods.




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