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FalmouthUniversity To Close the Contemporary Crafts Degree

Morning folks, I would like to draw your attention to the proposed closure of the Contemporary Crafts Degree at Falmouth University.
This is a course that has long-standing links to Cornwall and it’s crafting heritage. It is somewhat ironic that Falmouth University announce this course closure, within a few days of the Crafts Council launching it’s, ‘Talent Is Everywhere’ event, highlighting the massive losses of craft related coursed both in secondary education and higher education, while documenting the staggering contribution crafts make to the UK economy.
Cornwall has a vibrant crafts community and a great many galleries, exhibition spaces and crafting associations that thrive and generate both economically and through job creation. The effect on the crafting community and Cornwall as a whole, that this closure will have should not be underestimated.
However putting economic considerations aside, this is not a course that is in financial trouble, it was fully subscribed to this year. This is a choice to make a space that was specifically designed to accommodate a state of the art crafting and design studio paid for by tax payers money, in to a space that can accommodate more students at desks rather than in studio spaces which will crate more money for the shareholders at the cost of the crafting heritage of Cornwall. Implementing courses that can be done at any university in the UK.
This course that over the years has created some of the countries most talented artists is being sacrificed on the altar of profit. Bernard Leach and The historic Leach Pottery St Ives, who advised on the creation of the original course that this one has grown from would be outraged as are the crafting community today.
Please help us to encourage the university to reconsider this decision, one that will have far-reaching consequences both county-wide and nationally as there are so few crafting courses left, let alone one with such an amazing reputation both nationally and internationally.
To this end a petition was started last week and in only seven days has gathered 4,638 signatures along side a Facebook group of over 1,200 members. We would value your support both for the students that will not be able to be enriched by this course and for the many galleries and buyers that will be denied the opportunity to showcase works by students that where trained within the rich crafting environment that only Cornwall can offer.

Please sign and share our petitionJoin our FB group and Look at our Pintrest Board… Dxxx

#saveourcrafts #futureinthemaking





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