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Breakthrough Day

Hi everyone, as some of you will know I’ve been making a textile piece for sometime that keeps having to be put on the back burner because of family commitments and health issues, I damaged an eye, so for months I couldn’t see very well. Well I managed to finish the piece yay! and today I spent a little time playing with how I will present it… its only a mock up so it’s not as it will be when I’ve actually finished it but I’m pleased with the way it looks… I’m glad it’s done as I’m more than ready to make something new… 

I hope you like it… Dxxx


Why learning through making matters

A great piecethat links to our petition..Dxxx

Mike Press


The poppy installation at the Tower of London seems to have moved all who have seen it, capturing the immensity of the human cost of needless war. Certainly it triggered debate, which is always a positive thing.

The irony is that in the week this installation by ceramicist Paul Cummins captured the public imagination, so a campaign was launched to save yet another ceramic course threatened with closure – this time in Falmouth. Throughout the UK ceramics courses have been steadily axed over recent years. Apparently there is no longer any value in learning how to craft beauty and meaning, insight and inspiration from clay. However, the hundreds of thousands of people who have visited the Tower of London in recent weeks may have a slightly different idea.

Paul Cummins learned his craft at the University of Derby, where ceramics is still taught. If we value learning through making, if…

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FalmouthUniversity To Close the Contemporary Crafts Degree

Morning folks, I would like to draw your attention to the proposed closure of the Contemporary Crafts Degree at Falmouth University.
This is a course that has long-standing links to Cornwall and it’s crafting heritage. It is somewhat ironic that Falmouth University announce this course closure, within a few days of the Crafts Council launching it’s, ‘Talent Is Everywhere’ event, highlighting the massive losses of craft related coursed both in secondary education and higher education, while documenting the staggering contribution crafts make to the UK economy.
Cornwall has a vibrant crafts community and a great many galleries, exhibition spaces and crafting associations that thrive and generate both economically and through job creation. The effect on the crafting community and Cornwall as a whole, that this closure will have should not be underestimated.
However putting economic considerations aside, this is not a course that is in financial trouble, it was fully subscribed to this year. This is a choice to make a space that was specifically designed to accommodate a state of the art crafting and design studio paid for by tax payers money, in to a space that can accommodate more students at desks rather than in studio spaces which will crate more money for the shareholders at the cost of the crafting heritage of Cornwall. Implementing courses that can be done at any university in the UK.
This course that over the years has created some of the countries most talented artists is being sacrificed on the altar of profit. Bernard Leach and The historic Leach Pottery St Ives, who advised on the creation of the original course that this one has grown from would be outraged as are the crafting community today.
Please help us to encourage the university to reconsider this decision, one that will have far-reaching consequences both county-wide and nationally as there are so few crafting courses left, let alone one with such an amazing reputation both nationally and internationally.
To this end a petition was started last week and in only seven days has gathered 4,638 signatures along side a Facebook group of over 1,200 members. We would value your support both for the students that will not be able to be enriched by this course and for the many galleries and buyers that will be denied the opportunity to showcase works by students that where trained within the rich crafting environment that only Cornwall can offer.

Please sign and share our petitionJoin our FB group and Look at our Pintrest Board… Dxxx

#saveourcrafts #futureinthemaking




A visit to a Knitting and Stitching Crafts Show Sept 2014

2014-09-28 11.26.20

This show is a pilgrimage my sister-in-law and I make every year. We love walking (or rolling if I’m not well enough) round the show and looking at all the craft and embroidery weaving and spinning exhibits and looking over all the craft supply stalls. Its like being a child in a sweetie shop all over again…

Theres nothing quite like the hustle and bustle of a big craft show to make you wish you had a big room to put all the lovely things you want to buy to make… The Knitting and Stitching shows are no exception…

There are some drawbacks

1. It’s exhausting

2. Its two hours away so more exhausting (especially for a spoony)

3. I never have enough money lol

The good points

1.Its all the stitchery crafty things you could ever want in one place

2. There are often workshops you can participate in to get a taste of a new craft

3. You get to see some of the amazing work done by crafters in Guilds from all over the country.

I can honestly say that if you are in to crafts, a visit to a craft show is like christmas and birthdays rolled in to one, a great day out where you can learn about new crafts meet designers or wool makers…

I personally loved meeting a designer who also supplies the most amazing real wools Belinda Harris-Reid, you can see her website here and her Facebook page here, I bought a skein of her Light Moonshine undyed wool and it was so amazingly soft, I made two Wrist warmers I designed and sold both before I had a chance to photograph them… So I will most defiantly be getting some more… 🙂

Any way enough of my waffle here are just a few of the pictures I took at the Exeter show… enjoy… Dxxx                                                                                                                   Guilds and Associations

2014-09-28 11.40.45

                                                                                    2014-09-28 11.39.58

2014-09-28 11.39.09                                                                                   2014-09-28 11.39.03

2014-09-28 11.34.30                                                                                   2014-09-28 11.30.48

                                                                          2014-09-28 11.40.58       2014-09-28 11.41.04

Some examples of the lovely crafty suppliers stalls at the show… fab…Dxxx

  2014-09-28 12.28.44                                                                               2014-09-28 12.28.48

2014-09-28 13.30.12                                                                                 2014-09-28 12.12.45

2014-09-28 12.02.04                                                                                2014-09-28 12.02.14

2014-09-28 12.16.27                                                                              2014-09-28 12.15.59

                                                                                                                 And so much More!!!

2014-09-28 11.41.59                                                                            2014-09-28 11.41.51

So next time you see a craft show advertised near you why not go along they’re not to expensive out tickets were £10.00 or there a bouts, we save up all year to go to the one in the Westpoint Centre in Exeter and really enjoy it every year… Dxxx

Welcome to Ravenswyrd Designs

Hello and welcome  this is where you will find all the art works and crafty makes I sell, as well as links to my partner Jonathan Wilson’s Art site.

I’m still constructing this site so more will be coming over time, so please come back often to see new works and I’ll also be blogging about the makes I’m currently doing.

Whether its Eco printing or making Pottery pieces or knitting a jumper I love crafts and art, and as an art teacher I get to do art both for myself and help others make things they didn’t realise they could.

So please take the time to look at whats here and come back soon to see updates on stock and new makes in the making… Dxxx




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